Supplies Needed:                                                                                             


3” Tablets (Chlorine)        

25 lbs. of Shock (calcium hypo chlorite)                                      

1 - Gallon of Muratic Acid (grocery store) Lower Ph

1 - 4 in 1 Test Kit

1 - Pole

1 - Brush

1 – leaf rake (net)

Once a week you will need to do the following:

1.      Brush tile, spa, and steps. Turn on spa main drain while brushing spa to clean.    

2.  Empty skimmer basket, motor baskets, cleaner basket (bag), and Automatic pool cleaner      screen found in hose connector. Also use net to clean floating debris.

3. Test water (PH and chlorine level). Once a month check Alkalinity.

Keep Chlorine level at 2.0 – 3.0 and Ph at 7.6

4. Adjust chemicals (add tabs to chlorinator and 1 pound of shock per 10,000 gallons of pool water

Add 1 cup at a time of Muratic acid to lower ph level.

5. Backwash filter if you have a D.E. filter. Add proper amount of D.E to skimmer slowly.

6. Have your filter cleaned a min of once a year to ensure proper filtration of your water. 

Pool Settings:

Spa Settings:

Run the pool a minimum of 8 hours from spring thru fall and a minimum of 4 hours through the winter. Rule of thumb is to run pump 1 hour for every 10 degrees of ambient temperature outside. If the high for the afternoon is 90 degrees, then run pump 9 hours. Times vary due to size of pool and foliage around pool. Typically a 15,000 gal play pool (shallow) with a tree or two near the pool should run 9 hours at 90 degrees outside but a 25,000 gal pool with same foliage should run 12 hours.


In the case of a deep freeze (below 32 degrees for a day or two), take timer stoppers off and run pool continuously until temp is above freezing. Make sure your water level is full. For pool owners with computer controls, set pool to run 24 hours or put in service mode outside and turn on pumps.


Water evaporation occurs the most when the water temperature is warmer than the air.Example: in the winter the water temp might be 48 and outside temp is 34. That is a 15-degree difference and you will lose water rapidly. Be careful. When the air is warmer, evaporation doesn’t happen as fast.


If your lights in your pool and spa don’t work, try resetting the G.F.I. switch by equipment. If only one light works, most likely the one not working is burnt out

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