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Complete pool service and pool repair, Plano Texas
At Absolut Enterprises, we offer a variety of cleaning services to meet your needs.
From a one-time clean to an acid wash, we can do what you want, when you want.
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Weekly/One-Time/Party/Monthly Pool Cleaning Services
On your scheduled day or appointment, we come by and perform these functions to leave you with a clean and ready to use  swimming pool.  
  • Net pool and spa water of debris
  • Brush all tiles, walls, steps and spa
  • Empty skimmer, pump and cleaner baskets
  • Backwash filter as needed
  • Vacuum pool when necessary
  • Check and balance chemical levels
  • Visually inspect all pool equipment for proper operation
Chemical Only Pool Service
If you are only needing chemicals added to your pool, we can handle that too. We come by once a week and adjust chemical levels and backwash your pool once a month. This is for the customer who cleans their pool but doesn't want to deal with the hassle of adjusting and storing dangerous chemicals.
Vacation Watching Service
We watch after your pool while you are away. We will clean and add water to your pool. Don't worry about your pool when you are gone. Hire us to watch after it until you get back. Enjoy your trip with us watching after your pool.
Filter Service
We recommend that you have your filter serviced twice a year. We will disassemble your pool filter, clean all filter elements, inspect assembly, make any needed repairs and reassemble the filter. Cartridge filters need cleanings 4-6 times a year depending on amount of debris pool aquires.
Acid Washing Service
Acid washing is perfect for the pool that has been shut down for a long period of time or if it has some tough stains on its plaster. It requires a complete pool draining and a mixture of chemicals to be sprayed on the plaster and then cleaned accordingly.  After the pool has been refilled, we will then test and adjust chemicals to the proper balance.  We will leave you with a sparkling pool ready to enjoy!
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pool service, pool repair, Plano Texas
Valve Lube Service
Jandy Valves should be lubricated once each year.  We  clean and lubricate the diverter with silicone lubricant.  We also replace o-rings as needed. This is not necessary with the newer Jandy Never Lube valves.
Multiport Backwash Valves should be lubricated once each year.  We inspect the diverter, gasket and valve body and apply lubricant to the diverter and gasket.  We also check the valve body o-ring.
Plunger/Slide Backwash Valves should be lubricated once per year.  We check piston o-rings and lubricate the internal assembly. Replace only when necessary.

Chlorinator Service

Automatic Chlorinators should have preventative maintenance done at least once per year.  We check and replace the tubing and cap o-ring if necessary.  We check the operation of the control valve and the check valve and replace if needed.  Each chlorinator is different so price varies.
Pool Cleaner Tune-up
Automatic Pool cleaners such as the Polaris and Navigators (Pool-Vacs) should be inspected and tuned up on an annual basis.  We check the water pressure, inspect and replace wear parts as needed and all hoses.  We also check the over all  cleaning of each unit after repair to ensure proper cleaning.
Pool School
Perfect for the new pool owner who would like to learn how to operate their pool system and adjust his or her own chemicals. Set up an appointment today! We'll walk you through your pool equipment and pool area and familiarize you and/or your spouse with proper operation of your swimming pool.
pool service, pool repair, Plano Texas, Allen Texas
Please fill out contact us and let us know what service you need from us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible and set up a free quote. Thank you.

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